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My name is Haviv Rosilio and i am an Israeli artist from the city of Holon.

Been doing Mosaic art since around 2002 and under the name AMORFIX MOSAICS.

I've established AMORFIX MOSAICS as a way to express my inspirations and as a business title to attract Mosaic PROJECTS.

I had things to say and i wanted to decorate some lonely walls... 

which some i happily did. 

My Mosaics are made of broken ceramics pieces, chosen to create shapes.

Those shapes vary through size, density, color and texture.

Most of my Mosaics are made over hangable plywood board. 

I often use sorts of cements and grout mixes to create a cast background to my work - a unique technic i've developed, which helps the Mosaic image to pop out better or differently.

Alternatively, i would use broken pieces to create a more homogenic  background.

Pigmented grout is used to fill the gap between the broken pieces.

Through this old art form I feel important connection being re-establish with artist of the ancient world.

I find this root connection part of our identity as humans and as artists.

Breaking random shapes to create my work led me realise that those shapes are as unique and rare as DNA codes- things might look similar but never exactly the same..

Besides the art of Mosaics, i deal with other forms of art to express myself. my daily life runs around the world of Cinematography ART- designing, decorating and building of film sets in the local film and television industry of Israel.

Some other interest of what i do are under Miscellaneous art 


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